Courageous but tragic voyage 'In The Heart Of The Sea' (Movie Review)

After the fantastic Rush (2013), Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth teamed up again for ‘In The Heart Of The Sea‘. Howard drove Hemsworth on the stoic rivalry of F1 race, and now he sends him off to a voyage to the middle of the sea with few brave whalers.

They sail happily along the waves of the sea in the Essex of Nantucket by killing whales, extracting the buckets of oil from their bodies; but that happiness is no longer sustained, a Moby Dick smashes the ship, mercilessly hurts them, Oh, gosh! The ship sinks. At least few of them survived? Did they come back home?


Ron Howard puts his tough efforts to make us feel the vicious smell of salty premise. ‘In The Heart Of The Sea‘ sets in 1820’s backdrop, the first hour of the film quite works well as an intrinsic sea quest, but when the action begins, the film also starts crashing like their sunken ship.

The third act of the movie is fishtailed by silly things fully, specifically the cannibalism episode creeps me up to boredom. Second hour of the film is all about the survival to avoid from being laid on the deathbed, the drama here loosely cheesy. In a particular scene, the ship upsides down by the whale’s attack and so sailors capsized it to the actual position later. Likewise, the film overturns from corny drama to action-adventure, and back again to stuffy drama which makes us seasick.

We should be grateful to Anthony Dod Mantle for the great piece of cinematography, the visual resplendence is estimable. Those rousing high-sea sequences are spectacularly captured, which indeed thrill us in this entire voyage. Uff, some underwater shots are ill-effected because of poor CGI stuff. The way whale flips its tail fins into sea is a beautiful dive though the whole body looks ugly, but the graphics are not at all convincing to make us believe that they are not fake.


Performances are not up to the mark, Hemsworth is also not that worth in leading this seafaring ride. The storytelling is okay, but the characters are botched up and lack the depth unlike sea. But it’s great to see three superheroes – Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Spiderman (Tom Holland) and Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) set out together in a long & huge voyage.

Fine, the well-conceived intensity in the first half is watered down by the weighty themes. And the sense of danger is eventually washed away because of more sentimental hogwash. Even if there is remarkable material, this big-ass whale tale is mediocre on a whole.

My Rating: 3/5


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