'Bajirao Mastani' is a mediocre period piece of drama.


Sanjay Leela Bhansali apparently expresses that he’s an ardent fan of 1960’s epic Mughal-E-Azam by making Bajirao Mastani. King-sized inspiration of that old classic has been deposited in this massive graphic. Great! gigantic palatial sets. Wow! highly delineated artwork. Ah, posh! very detailed costumes. Oh, gosh! Eye-popping cinematic visuals. Yeah, Bajirao Mastani is lavish, I mean, so LAA..AAVISH that you may name this film as Bhansali Mastani. Okay, inconsistent CG is also there, however, we can consider it magnum opus, but unfit to call it epic.

Bajirao is a power-hungry warrior. Mastani is his gorgeous girlfriend. Kashi is his diligent wife. Huh, his mom is anti to inter-religion marriage. One sec please! Let me jumble the scenes and mumble for sometime. he is comfy with his wife initially, and with girlfriend later, then generates one kid with each woman. Lol, yes, it’s a tough decision to pick between sensual desire and sensible valour. At times, Bhansali treatment over the plot is as rubbish as dubsmash videos uploaded by Ranveer on facebook. Director changes Bajirao’s relationship status from ‘married’ to ‘married one more time’. Hello, he’s Bhansali, so scratch your scalp, to search for subtlety in his film is like producing sugar out of the sea.

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The film is elegant but extravagant, witty but scruffy cos’ of its manipulative script. In a nutshell, all its tale is rinsing a love story inside the muddy religious skirmish. You should wash the painful stains caused by the lengthy dialoguebaazi and stretched war episodes to dethrone the Mughal Empire. Oh wait, there’s something to applaud as well. The scenes between wife & husband, son & mother, also wife & mistress are well stitched. Whether it is wordplay or swordplay, no matter how filmy they are, they don’t restrain splashing some beautiful emotions over the screen.


Bajirao is a crazy rio of Maratha accent. Ranveer, both in his diction & action, is so strong and yields an inordinate performance. Priyanka glares in a couple of scenes. And Deepika, o my angel, you shimmer like a curvy moon over the pitch-black midnight sky. Dear, didn’t your rosy nose get hurt on weighing a bangle size nose-pick? Yet, that jewel dazzles as a golden bee on water lily bud. Looking so hot in that slinky hat, and my heart struck amidst those serrated strings of your antique mandolin. Stunning when you’re winning the battle by holding the baby in one hand and cutting the enemy’s head with another. Okay, there’s Tanvir Azmi also, just amazeballs.

This film features two sons born slightly around the same time but grown up in a two dissimilar paces. Likewise, one half is bright & well-paced and the other half is dull & debauched. If you effuse that Bhansali is an artisan, his frames drenched in sheer poetry, drifted on an imposing scale and all that, Bajirao Mastani will not derail you. Not a problem for one time for its grandeur and grandiose performances.

My Rating: 3/5


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