'Dilwale' is the most shitty entertainer from Shetty.


I’m a die-hard SRK fan, so watching him on big screen is not just an experience but a celebration too. Anyways, I don’t deny your words. Yes, the calibre of the films he has been choosing in recent times like Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Chennai Express and Happy New Year are way below than his excellence. If they are his mistakes selecting those films, it must be blunder doing Dilwale. I mean it. Even more than that.

And they casted Kajol against SRK – the eternal onscreen pair, so there’s no surprise that my hopes on this film did surpass the boundaries of sky. Be it Baazigar, DDLJ, K3G, KKHH, Karan Arjun, MNIK – that winsome chemistry of SRK’s dimples & Kajol’s smile is knotted by the epidemic naughtiness. Huh, where’s that? Instead of having that magic replicated, they repelled it, the reunion of the great pair fizzled out as a stale bonding. Rohit Shetty has made weak films, but Dilwale is the weakest work he has ever done.

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It’s unfeasible to be a millennial and not be at least momentarily engaged by the scenes that involve SRK-Kajol gazing at each other to scan the love on their eyeballs. The only funny scene in the film which comes from Pankaj Tripathi & Mukesh Twari when they disclose SRK’s past to Varun & Kriti. Regarding performances, Sharukh curbs himself than the usual. It’s nice to see Kajol back on screen, but she’s lifeless in playing Meera. Varun alone does a decent job in this film despite the veteran cast towering over him. Kriti Sanon is fine.


Dilwale is a tiresome and by-the-numbers drama from frame one, that over-granished color palette to the comedic cruelty, feeble screenplay to the spineless narrative, most of the things are insipid till the end. The roles of Boman Irani, Vinod Khanna & Kabir Bedi are just useless rubbish to the film. Pritam’s music is very ordinary. I wonder how I could withstand all this mess for 158 mins long. Enough to say, I was pathetically thinking about SRK’s upcoming films Fan and Raees during the screening.

Dimagwale can’t sit through while watching Dilwale. Yuck, every scene of this film is more cheesy than the Domino’s double cheese margherita pizza. My grandma, who hardly had seen 4 or 5 films in her life, can even predict this dumb-ass story. Rohit Shetty, by being shitty, balances the levels of boredom through out the film in equal proportions. Shut the hell up, man! Don’t call it slapstick comedy, that’s a slap-hard-and-beat-me-by-stick tragedy. After seeing Dilwale, all you can take home is just annoyance. Not only annoyance? Yes, Maybe. So by any chance, if there’s a mental hospital on your way to home, get yourself tested to make sure you’re still alright.

My Rating: 1.5/5


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