'Point Break' is meh! An injustice to its original.

To be frank, the original Point Break directed by Kathryn Bigelow is not a great work, but chiefly we can call it a cult film by its iconic skydiving and bank-robbing scenes performed by the passionate actor Patrick Swayze. And yes, this is one decent action film from 90’s. But when compared to this Ericson Core‘s uninspired remake, Bigelow‘s Point Break feels like ‘The Godfather‘.


Luke Bracey plays the Keanu Reeves‘ role of Johnny Utah, who in this flick is an ex-extreme sportsman turned FBI official. Motivated by his superior and an agent from London, Utah hunts for a gang of “Extreme Poly-Athletes” who commit crimes while globetrotting and perform the mythical set of “Eight Ordeals”. So, he goes undercover and meets the gang leader, who takes him under his wing and tells this:

We don’t live off the grid. We live on it, but on our own terms“.

Meaning – they mould their lifestyle to feed the poor by robbing the rich. For doing that, they don’t care about death to honor the earth with wealth, which is the way to reach “Nirvana” as they believe.


The good chunks of this feature are restrained to its action sequences, which will knock off the fans of the extreme sports, and even the other audiences excite for that stunning stunt work. They do skydiving, surfing, fighting in underground boxing clubs, scaling & snowboarding down the cliffs, outrunning rock slides on dirt bikes, wingsuiting, deep sea diving, which all share some adrenaline rush. Still, every moment between these risky adventures is icky and amateurish.

In trying to be large, roaring and more intriguing, the film ends up like a meaningless mayhem by losing the sense of delicacy.

Along with the oral philosophy and moral stupidity underlying in its story & narrative, it suffers from the dialogue and logic as well. And I really feel sorry for Teresa Palmer, as she’s gorgeous but has a habit of choosing bad films. She is utterly irritating with her nonsensical talks & deeds in playing Samsara. Even the other actors also deliver wooden performances like how Keanu Reeves did in the original. And screenplay is as insipid as its almost non-existent character development.


The mistake of Point Break is not its absurd plot or its abrupt execution, but the truth that it is very uninteresting. Devoid of exciting moments, the film dies dreadfully amongst its action set pieces. As awe-inspiring as many of the stunts are, they fail to fill the holes in an awfully written story & script. The 3D was comfortable at times, specifically at the Angel Falls scene, but there was some cheesy CGI from point to point. It would rather offer few visceral thrills than tweak any of the characters seem some realistic.

Well, the only breaking point it breaks is the point to prove that Point Break is just a pointless remake.

My Rating: 1.5/5


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