Na peru Surya Na illu India Movie Review

Why I went for the film?
As a devotee of PSPK , Even Arjun tongue slipped about PSPK few times. It wouldn’t stop me for going to the movie.

Went for Vakkantam Vamsi . As director is craving to make a movie for quite long time.Big fan of his kick movie.

సినిమా ఎలా వుంది?
Raw and Rustic Patriotic film .

సినిమా చూడోచ్చా??
Yes, Message delivered correctly.Well done for his first feature film by Vamsi.

కథ ఏమిటి?
Soldier dream to serve motherland by doing service at the border.What made him to stop doing service and how he overcomes it.

Allu Arjun ఎలా వున్నాడు? ఎలా చేసాడు??
Well suited for the character, Done justice to the role.Epic performance in his career. Movie which he cam remember for his life time.

Allu Arjun తో పాటు ఇంకా ఎవరు బాగా చేసారు?
Arjun Sariga – Well done, few scenes but done good justice. Appearance could be better.

Nadhiya – As usual emotional scenes.But she nailed it one scene.

Sharath Kumar – Regular commercial villion.Very good actor Not much scope for acting, Appearance could be better.

Anu – Passing cloud, not much of a role.

Music – Songs not upto the mark.

Dance – Two songs good, rest are not well designed.

Fights – Woooooh ! awesome.

Comedy – Vennala kishore is hilarious is some of the scenes.

హైలట్స్ ఏమిటి?
Screenplay , Allu Arjun Action , Fight sequences.Scenes between Kishore and Arjun.Message delivered but no one follows.

Message : Achieve your dream by never loosing your character.

Verdict – Good movie , must watch .Patriotic film.

PS: If review hurts some one please don’t mind .It’s my feeling after watching movie by spending money for premiere in USA.

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